Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swiffer Wet Jet

I was given a Swiffer Wet Jet when they first came out a while ago by a neighbor who was moving out of our apartment complex. The solution bottle was brand new and the mop itself had only been used once. I had a brand new box of the pads and an almost full bottle of the solution.

First I want to say that the idea for this I think is great but it just doesn't work the way I would have liked. One thing, the most important thing is the solution that comes with the swiffer wet jet, stinks. I mean this stuff smells awful! I woulnd't ever buy this stuff myself. But I used it a few times to see if it worked and to tell you the didn't.

My apartment isn't that big and my kitchen is small. Saying that though I still had to use 2 pads and alot of the solution to get my floor clean.

Another thing...You absolutely have to take the used pad off the mop before putting it away, even if it only looks a little dirty and you want to save some money by using it again. The reason being that you have to turn the mop upseide down in order to store it. If you don't the solution that's on the wet pad will leak all over the floor and down the mop handle while it's upside down. But if you don't store the swiffer wet jet upside down all the solution from the bottle will leak out all over the floor like mine did.

I ended up throwing my swiffer wet jet away and will never get another one.

I will say one thing though. Swiffer has a good idea, it just needs a little more thought. I also use the swiffer dusters and I love these things. I have been using them ever since they came out a while back.