Sunday, May 22, 2016

7" Portable Stainless Steel Multipurpose Tool Multifunctional Knife Axe with Hammer Plier by Rose Kuli

Product Description

The product is multifunctional rescue tool, can be used for rescue and self-help. Multi-function tool, Canvas carrying bag,Integration design, convenient to use.
Material:2CR13 Stainless Steel +wood.
Function: Pliers/cross screwdriver/double-sided poking knife/saw / knife/ slotted point screwdriver/bung puller/Bottle Opener Tool with Wooden Handle

My Review

I love being able to find my husband interesting tools, hand tools or camping tools that he doesn't have. He and my brother love to go camping and they both love to pull out their survival gear and show it off and this actually goes well in both of those boxes. Anyone who camps or has a backpack that they keep well stocked will like this multi tool to add to what they have. 

My husband doesn't have anything like this and he was surprised when I got it and gave it to him. We both thought it was very unique and I really liked that all of the different folding tools inside the handle came out easily because too many times those things are really hard to pull out in certain gadgets but not in this one and I like that. Being able to easily get at the tool you're wanting to use is a must for me so that was nice to see. 

I thought it was unique because not only do you get a hammer and an ax at the top but in between the two, there's a pair of pliers too! Hubby didn't even see that until I pointed it out to him and he's a maintenance man, so imagine my joy when I could show him something he hadn't noticed right away. 

I really like all the little fold out tools and the carrying case is nice to store and easily be able to find in a tool box or back pack. If you'd like to purchase one for yourself, you can find it here

Disclosure: I was given this product free in exchange for an honest review.