Saturday, August 03, 2019

Macy's Haul and Review

A little more than a week ago I told you that I cashed in my points on a survey site and got a Macy's gift card. Well here are a few of the things I got. 2 of the other items are on back order until next month but these two things were what I planned on reviewing anyway. I will say that my 'free gift' for spending $49 was that tiny Laura Mercier setting powder sample on top. I was a little disappointed with that since it's such a small sample. The other two items are a Makeup bag with 11 perfume samples and a Tarte trio of eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner.

The description of the perfume sampler said it was a sampler of 11 different perfumes but I only received 10 of them. Most of the sample bottles are full but a couple of them are only half full. But it's a nice way to try out some of the expensive perfumes that I otherwise wouldn't have tried. I've tried 8 of them so far and they all smell pretty good. 

I was really excited for this because just look at those eyeshadow colors. These colors are so pretty and since I wear mostly light browns and sometimes pink tone colors, this is perfect for me. The colors are pigmented, the colors don't seem to wear off halfway through the day like some eyeshadow colors do and they blend flawlessly. They are very dusty though and when you dip into the pan and tap off the excess, it's really dusty and there's a lot of fallout when sweeping it across the eye. But if you use a little powder under your eyes before using this that will make it easier to brush the shadow fallout away when you're done.

The eyeliner is small but it's a good one, I haven't had a problem with it smudging or wearing off. The mascara isn't my favorite though. I've had better mascara's from the drugstore. I really had to apply quite a bit of it to see it lengthening my lashes so it's not one I would buy again but the eyeshadow palette is one I would definitely get again.


11 piece Scents of Summer perfume sampler with makeup bag- $15
Tarte 3 piece Warm Toasty Eye Set- $25
Laura Mercier sample- free

I love using gift cards to be able to try new products that I wouldn't have bought otherwise, that's the great things about those survey sites that let you cash out your points for gift cards. I was happy with all of this for the most part. 

Have you tried any of these products?