Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Make An Easter Wreath

Want to decorate your home with Easter crafts but don't want to pay the high prices the stores are charging? Well why not make them yourself, there are several Easter crafts that are easy to make and will cheer up your home.

An Easter Wreath

There are many different wreath's you can make and after you've made a few it'll be easier to make different kinds. Grapevine wreath's are the easiest in my opinion to work with and that's what I used for this Easter wreath.

What you will need:

14 inch Grapevine wreath
6 large flowers such as Lillies, wildflowers, Calla Lillies or Orchids
7 Dark blue floral bushes with stems
7 Purple floral bushes with stems
3 -10 inch twigs
20 Eucalyptus stems
15 Purple Daisy's
15 Pink Daisy's
6 Iris bushes with stems
Spanish Moss
Small birds nest
2 Small Plastic Easter eggs
2 Small colorful birds
Hot Glue gun and sticks

Begin by tearing off hand fulls of Moss and hot gluing it to the Grapevine wreath, you don't need to cover the entire thing, some bare spots are fine.Start with the outside top of your wreath and hot glue the Eucalyptus stems to the wreath, making the stems fit inside the wreath and poke out. Make sure all the decorations point in the same direction as you go around the wreath.

Now you can start adding the smaller flowers where you like around the wreath, space them around the wreath. Make the wreath look the way you want. After the smaller flowers are used up insert the large flowers, spacing them evenly apart on the front of the wreath.

Fill in any empty spaces with more moss and flowers.

Next hot glue the birds nest to the bottom inside of your wreath and hot glue the small birds and eggs into the nest.

Last insert the twigs into the center of the wreath in a diagonal manner.
Hang on your wall.

Straw Easter Wreath

You will need:

12 inch Straw wreath
8 Pink Daisy's
8 Purple Daisy's
6 Eucalyptus stems
2 Wild flower bushes
10 inch length of thin Purple ribbon
Craft Pins
Stuffed Rabbit.

Straw Wreath's are wrapped in plastic and you need to remove this plastic before you begin. Cut the Eucalyptus stems to about 5 inches long and hot glue three pointing up and three pointing down on the bottom left side of the wreath.

Hot glue the Wild flowers to the Eucalyptus stems and on the wreath just around the stems. Hot glue the Daisy's to fill in any empty spots and to make it look the way you want. All the decorations should be on the bottom left hand side of the wreath. Wrap the ribbon loosely around the wreath and tie off in the back where you can't see the knot.

Secure small stuffed rabbit to the inside center of the wreath with the craft pins.

The more wreaths you make the easier it becomes. But if you need inspiration, you can always look online for pictures of wreaths and just copy the ones you like.