Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review: Addicted by Charlotte Stein

Book Description

Kit Connor has always led a safe, cautious life. But when Kit’s friend points out that her erotic writing lacks something, she decides to attend a Sexual Healing group to improve her knowledge.

Kit expects to find the gritty underbelly of sex, and instead finds louche, laidback, sex-loving Dillon Holt.

Dillon makes a suggestion to Kit: that he will tell tales of his sexual excess, and help her book get the realism it needs. She agrees, but hasn't the least idea of what she's getting into.

Dillon doesn't have simple advice in mind … he has lessons to teach her. Lessons on everything she's never dared to experience, from kink to real passion.

Now Kit is never sure: is Dillon the addict, or is she just addicted to him?

My Review

Kit is writing an erotic romance book and after she let her friend read it, the friend tells Kit that it need more realism. We the reader got to read what Kit had written and all I can say is her book needed a lot of something to make it readable because it was awful. 

Kit's friend tells her she should go to a Sexual Healing group and listen to some of the exploits the people in the group talk about to give her a better understanding of what her writing is missing and maybe help her find out why she feels the way she does about relationships. Kit meets Dillon in the group and sparks fly when they talk. He's a tall intimidating guy with a teddy bear interior and wants to get to know Kit better. He finds out about her writing and tells her he'll tell her all about his sexual exploits, and he has many since he's a sex addict. But things are not always as they appear.

These two were great together. She's a bit shy at first but things quickly heat up and these two really have fun together, which just made the sex scenes that much hotter. 

Things seem to be going really well until Kit realizes that Dillon backs away whenever she asks him anything personal about himself. It takes some time but Dillon finally tells her what she wants to know and a big secret is revealed. This story starts out really fun, at no point did I ever feel bored with the story and while it ends on a more serious note, that didn't take away from the story at all, if anything if made it even better because the characters seemed more real. 

I gave this story 4 out of 5 stars.