Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: Twilight Desires by Amanda Ashley

Book Description

Sofia Ravenwood was once fascinated by vampires—their seductive power, their inhuman strength, their dark desires. Then one of them attacked her family, and she threw out her goth attire and vowed to keep clear of her enemies. Until she heard about Ethan Parrish: a sweet, sizzling-hot former college football player, turned into a vampire against his will.

Wandering the deserted streets of Morgan Creek, Wyoming, Ethan’s sure he'll be alone forever—a monster like him deserves nothing else. Then beautiful, complicated Sofia agrees to meet him, fangs and all. The need she ignites in him is more than just the pulse of her blood or the scent of her skin. But he's not the only bloodsucker desperate to make her his own . . .

My Review

Ethan is a newly turned vampire who thinks he'll be alone for the rest of his long life because what woman in her right mind would want a relationship with a vampire, right? But his cousin knows a woman who likes vampires so he asks his cousin to find out if she'll agree to meet him. 

Sofia knows how dangerous vampires can be since the guy she had been dating turned her over to his vampire master. She would have been his prey if another vampire hadn't saved her, but just like humans, not all vampires are bad so she agree's to meet with Ethan who was turned into a vampire against his will. 

Because Ethan is a young vampire he doesn't have total control over his hunger and that causes a little bit of a problem between them but a bigger problem comes when Sofia witnesses Ethan kill another vampire when this vampire comes after them. Because Ethan was sired by a very old master vampire. Ethan is much stronger than other vampires his age. 

Once things settle back down and Sofia and Ethan get back to getting to know one another Ethan asks Sofia to help him with a new business adventure he undertakes. This gives them a chance to get to know one another a bit better and we see Ethan's sire, Saintcrow a few times which was nice. I really like seeing how characters in this series are getting along. 

Of course a good book needs a little drama, mystery and danger and this had that. A vampire that Saintcrow knew comes back into his life and makes waves for everyone. 

I loved Ethan and Sofia, they just clicked together so well. Ethan is a total sweetheart, I felt bad that he was so sad and lonely after getting turned into a vampire. Meeting the right person has a way of blowing your life up, in a good way though. 

I loved this story. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given this book for free from NetGalley. All opinions are my own.