Monday, October 21, 2013

Guest Reviewing

Today I'm a guest reviewer at I Smell Sheep. Come on over and let me know what you think of Black Widow Demon (Demon Outlaws #2) by Paula Altenburg. Have you read it and if you did, did you like it as much as I did?

I actually made another appearance on I Smell Sheep, a while back where I talked about books and you can find that post here.

Vintage Style Halloween Costumes

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I tried finding a picture of the Halloween costume I used to wear when I was a kid. *back in the early 70's* And I say THE costume because I only had one! I wore the same costume for years because my parents didn't believe in buying a new costume each year when the old one would fit. This witch costume is the closest to the one that I used to wear that I could find. I remember when I first got it, it was huge on me and my mom took a belt to tie it up around my waist so I wasn't tripping over my feet. She got a big one so I wouldn't out grow it for a few years and I remember the last time I wore it I was 10 years old and must have worn it for at least 4 years. It had holes in the vinyl poncho and the mask that used to have a rubber band on it was held on with a blue ribbon that my mom tied the mask to my head with. That thing was completely falling apart but I didn't care..I got to go Trick or Treating and came back with a huge amount of candy. *That my mom and dad raided*

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Here's another costume from that time period *the 70's* that I used to see a lot of. Most of those masks were so uncomfortable and you'd start sweating in them because there wasn't enough ventilation. Those vinyl ponchos always smelled so good. *Yeah don't look at me like that, you know you were huffing them too* 

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Cinderella was a big hit when I was a kid. I used to see costumes like this one on my friends all the time. Now I see the costumes of today and think, We sure have come a long way. 

So what was your favorite costume as a kid?