Thursday, August 04, 2022

Blind Promises by Diana Palmer


Book Description

Fall in love with Diana Palmer's fan-favorite story, BLIND PROMISES!

Dana Steele's new patient, Gannon van der Vere, is a tough customer. He had run off his last four nurses, but Dana's determined she won't be the next on that list. A powerful entrepreneur until a devastating accident left his future in doubt, Gannon raged at all who approached him. Dana hoped to light a candle in his darkness—and to escape from the shadows in her own past. But when she fell in love with her curmudgeonly employer, Dana's challenge was no longer strictly professional. Could Dana and Gannon heal to find a true happily-ever-after?

My Review

Dana Takes on a new job of being a personal nurse to one patient after a car accident that killed her mother and left her with scars. But Gannon had his own accident that left him blind and very angry at everything and everyone. He'd already run off four other nurses before Dana took the job so she had her job cut out for her. 

Right off the bat, Gannon thinks Dana isn't going to last but she isn't taking his snark without giving a little back which peaks his interest. She ends up staying and he becomes more and more invested and interested in the banter between them because most people don't talk to him like she does. Gannon is actually a good guy but he's been hurt and doesn't trust her enough to let her in until he realizes that she's wormed her way into his heart. But by that time he's pushing her away because he doesn't want anyone around feeling sorry for him because he thinks no one could really love a blind guy. 

But they are both in love with the other so they can't stay away for long. This is another one of those stories that if they had just talked, had some communication with each other the problems wouldn't have been as big as they made them out to be. But it was a good book. 

Diana Palmer is the author I got to when I need a feel good read when I'm not in the mood for a paranormal romance. This is one of her older books but I realized I hadn't read this one so I got it and I'm glad I did. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.