Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dog Town

If you have cable and watch The National Geographic channel, you've probably seen Dog Town.

But did you know this place called The Best Freinds Animal Sanctuary also looks after bunnies, horses, pigs, and wild animals?

I really like this place ebcause they don't kill an animal just because they can't be adopted. If need be they will take care of the animal their entire lives. They took in some of the dogs from the dog fighting ring that Michael Vick was a part of.

It's probably one of the best places I've seen for animals who are in need of care, re-homing, and saving.

Been a hard week

I haven't been around to write much here because my mom's dog died and she's been pretty upset. Bootsie was 17 years old and he died on the 25th at 4 am. My mom woke up and he was laying next to her on his pillow. She said she just looked over at him and knew he was almost gone. She picked him up and he took his last breaths as she held him.

I found a place here in town that will pick him up, take him back and cremate him, put his ashes in a small wooden box with his name engraved on it and bring the box back to her in 1-2 weeks. They were so nice to my mom on the phone and when the young man came out to pick bootsie up.