Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Crafty Hobbies Pt 2

Last week I shared a few crafts that I tried and liked because I was kinda good at them and they were fun. This week I'll share with you some of the crafts that I tried and failed miserably at or just didn't come out as I had hoped. 

A few years ago when we painted the bathroom a nice bright green color, I decided to try making a few accent pieces for the walls. The little planter box that I painted came out really nice but then I tried making a replica of the white mouse on the right out of sculpy clay. Mine is the brown mouse on the far left and it looks nothing like the white mouse.

I ended up buying the tiny teddy bear and chipmunk because I after the mouse and then a couple of other sculptures that went in the trash, I didn't try the sculpy clay again. Mary from Evolve With Mary, asked to see some of the clay sculptures I made. So here ya go. :)

About 20 years ago I tried my hand at making pewter sculptures. I bought a kit with the molds, pewter blocks, heavy gloves, hot pot, pewter patina liquid, Swarovski accent crystals, and mold clamps. I had to remelt my sculptures about 6 times before I finally got one without bubbles which make holes in the sculpture. Back then I bought the entire kit for $39.99 and when I looked today a smaller kit is almost $90. I was able to make 4 sculptures with the kit I had and it was fun to do but as years went by the supplies got a lot more expensive so this was one craft I only did once. They are a lot of work and it's dangerous because that melted pewter is hot as hell and if you spill it on yourself, well it would be bad. 

A few years ago I saw a magazine with some Pine Cone crafts in it. I thought, well that looks easy enough. While my pine cone christmas tree's came out kinda cute, they weren't anywhere near as cute as the ones in the pictures. 

I also tried to recreate a pine cone mouse and while I liked it, my family thought I was nuts. lol 

I wanted to try my hand at making and decorating cakes. I can make a good tasting cake, that's not a problem but they were never pretty. So I bought a cake decorating kit like this one. I also bought some fondant icing and my first try with it was a hot mess. LOL Let me tell you though, my neighbors loved me because I was always foisting cake on them. Even if it looked funny, they liked the cake. My older next door neighbor came back and said, "I don't think you're supposed to eat that Play Dough type stuff on the cake." I forgot to tell him not to eat that. My bad. 

This was my first try using spray color mist and trying out a couple of new decorating tips. Again, the neighbors enjoyed cake too. *chuckles*

I didn't like the fondant at all so I never used that again. But I wanted to try making chocolate buttercream and it tasted really good. The cake was also chocolate. I was just having fun trying out the different decorating tips. My neighbors weren't surprised to find me at their doors with a piece of cake. 

When Easter rolled around I saw an Easter Basket cake that I wanted to try and make. So I bought all the supplies and colored the shredded coconut, baked the cake and scooped out the middle of it. I added some Easter egg looking candy to it and even though it didn't look like the picture and I might have added too much candy to the top of it, my daughter loved it. 

*Excuse the back of the stove, we were getting a new stove that week and the kitchen walls were about to be painted blue, so they were a bit of a mess.*

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the other crafts I've tried. Have you ever tried a craft that you ended up not liking?