Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Easily Clean Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is beautiful and shiny when you first buy it, it's durable and looks great with everything. It will however tarnish easily if left exposed to air and water. The silver rings I wear everyday will become tarnished but there is an easy way to keep them clean.

The Tin Foil and Salt Method
I recently saw a website called How To Clean Stuff that had this great recipe, "Fill the jar or bowl about half full with hot water.

1. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the jar or a couple of tablespoons of salt to the bowl and mix to dissolve.
2. Add a few strips of aluminum foil to the jar or cover the bottom of the bowl with a sheet of aluminum foil.
3. Now simply drop your silver jewelry in the water.
4. You can shake it around in the jar or swish it around in the bowl. The aluminum with the salt acts as a magnet, pulling the tarnish off of the silver.
5. Allow the jewelry to sit in the saltwater/aluminum foil mixture for a few minutes.
6. Remove and rinse under running water.
7. Repeat as needed until the tarnish is removed.
8. Dry with a soft towel.

I tried this method for a few pieces of my silver jewelry that was extremely tarnished and it worked within seconds for my sterling silver bracelet 2 pairs of sterling silver earrings. I was shocked at how fast this method actually works.