Saturday, October 10, 2020

Halloween Decorations

Our daughter decided to decorate our apartment for Halloween. Here is Ken and our daughter Elizabeth posing with one of the pumpkins she bought. 

She decorated the living room window. There's a picture below after she added lights.

There are things hanging from the ceiling with spiders hanging down. There are grim reapers all over my walls right now. 

I actually made the pumpkin tree on top a few years ago and gave it to my daughter. 

I bought her that Living Dead Doll in the coffin for her 16th birthday. lol 

This is what the doll looks like up close. lol 

There are spider webs all over my apartment. 

Lots of skulls and scary statues.

Here's what the window looks like at night with the lights turned on.

I hope you're having a nice Halloween month.