Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Recipe: Low Carb Meal- Seafood salad, Sugar Snap Peas and fish fillet

As I've told you guys last week, I'm trying to eat low carb meals now. So I thought I would share some of the recipes and meals that I make in case you want some inspiration. 

This dinner consisted of a fish fillet (whiting), shrimp, seafood salad and sugar snap peas and mushrooms. 

I make my own seafood salad and you can find the recipe here. I use imitation crab meat because I like it and it's cheaper but you can of course use real crab meat for this. 

I cooked the whiting fish filet in a little butter and seafood spices and lemon. I did the same with the shrimp. 

For the mushrooms and sugar snap peas I sautéed the sliced mushrooms in a little olive oil first and then added the peas and let them cooked for about 10 minutes or until a little tender. I like them a little more done and tender but they were still crunchy and they are sweet. They are so good. This is the first time I've tried them and I really like them. 

As you can tell, I really like seafood. But even if you don't, I would still try the sugar snap peas and mushrooms because they are so good. 

Would you try this for a meal?

Oh and I got good news this week when my doctor came out to see me. In just two weeks I've decreased my blood sugar numbers from 350 to 229 by eating a low carb diet. My blood pressure is down from 197/101 to 147/91 and all I've done is cut the processed food and cut my salt intake. I have a ways to go but this is a start.