Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Romance novels

Well here we go again. I have something to rant about. Surprise surprise..that it was started by a male telling me that I shouldn't be doing something, namely reading that Brain trash. Well, maybe I should just get down on my knee's right now and kiss his hairy feet for straightening me out. Yeah right! I'll get right on that. Sometime in my next life.

It wouldn't be a scary mary rant if there wasn't several extra layers of weirdness - in this case, the allegation that the reading of romance novels rots the female brain from the inside out...
Well here we are crawling through the algae ridden waters of the me me me pool cause someone pissed me off.....again. Yeah but too bad it's my blog. lol

All I can say to the men out there and some women too, is if you don't like what I'm reading too bad....You can sit on your ass and watch T.V. and let your brain rot for all I care... and do I care.? Not a chance.
Do I care that you think what I'm reading is porn for women? Are you kidding me, I've come to love my porn. lol I've been told that I should put more time into doing "other" things.

Well, that would put a damper on my porn reading, heavy breathing, hours and hours of peace and quiet since the only time I get anytime to myself is when I put the earphones on and pick up a book and tone everyone else out, which is not to say that if the room were on fire that I wouldn't get myself out. Everyone for his or herself right?

My brother believes I should leave the romance books alone so more important goals can be achieved. Oh really? Like what? Should I be ironing and making sure supper is on the table like a good little wife? Don't make me slap you.

I'm sick to death of people talking about things they no nothing about. I hate it when some guy says to me" Oh, you read that crap?" Why yes I do. Have you ever read one? No? Then how do you know it's crap. Go away moron.

I don't think I'm completely right all the time, but this time about this I am. I don't make fun of people who like grizzly true crime novels. I myself like them. Just because you don't like or don't think you like something doesn't give your ignorant knuckle dragging self the right to make fun of it.

Romance novel reading is one of my guilty pleasure. Don't try and tell me you don't have a guilty pleasure. I know you do. I read romance to escape, to get away from real life for a while. But Some men and women (can't leave them out and get the men all pissy) want the authors of romance novels to get more contemporary and have us "to stupid to read anything decent" women read more up to date books with a purpose. Frankly, I don't want to read about a man who gets Ebola but in the few hours he lives falls in love with his nurse, only to give it to her too.

What would be the purpose to that you may ask.? Why thank you please do. The purpose would be to show how even a well educated woman (the nurse) when in love and in a romance novel, gets stupid and lets herself get Ebola. Yeah, As I've just proved my point this is why we aren't letting too many men write our romance novels.

Oh and let's not forget those people who think All Werewolves, were-creature, vampires and Zombies belong in horror novels. There is nothing wrong with a Vampire romance or a Werewolf Romance novel. Frankly I like those the best.

You have to be kidding

Yeah, it's 12:30 am and I'm still awake. but I had to write down what happened a couple of hours ago. Are you ready for this? LOL People, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Real life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

So My hubby works apartment maintenance for the complex we live at and sometimes he comes home and will tell me about something funny that happened while he was out. So at 7 pm, he comes in laughing so hard there were tears running down his face and Tom (the apartment manager) is right behind him and is NOT laughing. He's pissed.Hubby looks at me and is trying to tell me what happened and Poor tom is still mumbling something about "I can't believe they used the washing machines."

Hubby is still laughing and so Tom finally lets me in on the joke. It seems that someone had gone into the laundry room which by the way is really small, only has 4 washers and 4 dryers in it. Well, someone went into the laundry room and for what ever reason and....are you ready for this..........................................................

"took a dump" inside one of the washers. His words not mine. LOL
Ok, so I'm looking at Tom and he's just standing there bewildered and I look at hubby like...are you kidding me? and he starts laughing all over again.

So of course being the sarcastic ass that I am. I ask "who's gonna clean it out?" LMAO!!
That's when Tom went off. He said tomorrow morning first thing he's gonna call the place they rent the machines from and have a brand new machine sent out and have THAT one removed. He's not touching that machine and neither is anyone else cause you just never know what kinds of diseases that person had. lol
He stayed at my place just annoyed all to hell for about an hour.

So as he's leaving...Yes I am a sarcastic ass. I say to him " Are you sure it wasn't a dog?" He turns around and looks at me and shakes his head and asks " Do you know any dogs that can lift a washing machine lid?"
Yeah poor tom was annoyed but I couldn't leave it alone..I say "Maybe the lid was llready up?" He gets closer to me and says through his teeth...lol "It wasn't dog shit" LMAO!!!!

I am still laughing.