Funny thing happened this morning, Ken came in and woke me up earlier than I wanted because he said there was a bug that needed saving. I kid you not.

He said he tried to flush it down the sink but the poor little guy just kept holding on and he finally felt sorry for it and said he told it, "I'll be right back I know someone who will save you." *seriously folks*
So I get up and look in the bathroom sink and sure enough there's a 1 1/2 inch beetle of some kind sitting in the sink cleaning the water from it's antennae. I put my finger down next to it, not knowing whether it bites or not *yeah I'm weird that way* and he climbed right on my hand.

I'm still in my pajamas and Ken opened the door so I could put him in the bush that's right outside our door. I stopped to make sure no one was outside, because I was in my pajamas. Ken laughed that I didn't mind picking up the bug but didn't want anyone seeing me in my pajamas. So anyway, I put the beetle on the bush and he crawled away. lol

Just call me the bug whisperer...