Thursday, August 10, 2023

This Tree Holds A Secret...Cicadas!

This large tree is right across the street from where I live. I like the shade from it if I walk Falcor over there. And unless you look closely you might miss a secret the tree holds. 

Cicadas! Or rather a lot of cicada skins left from after they have molted.

Each year my daughter looks for them so she can take some pictures of them. I wouldn't have even seen the skins on the tree trunk of my daughter hadn't told me they were there.

My daughter thinks they are neat. lol They are a bit neat but a little creepy as well. 

My daughter lets me know they are back each year by picking a few off the tree and wearing them on her shirt. LOL 

Here's one emerging from the skin they leave behind.

This is what they look like. 

So is this creepy or cool to you?