Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Book Review: Taming The White Wolf by N.J. Walters


Book Description

The lone wolf answers to no alpha or pack. From his first transformation, he knows his destiny: to be both judge and executioner for rogue werewolves. Welcome to the spellbinding first book in New York Times bestselling author N.J. Walters intense new werewolf series.

White wolf Devlin Moore has spent nearly the last century following his destiny: hunting rogue werewolves. His fate is to be the only one of his kind—hardened, feared, and brutally ruthless. Only now, Devlin’s not alone. There are two others. And if that wasn’t unsettling enough, Devlin is drawn to New York City for what appears to be a human…

As far as Devlin can tell, vibrant artist Zoe Galvani is no threat. But there’s something about her— from her unusual eyes that look similar to the same shocking hue as his own, to his growing need to mark her as his that suggests magical forces may be at play.

Now there’s no escaping each other, or the attraction that grows stronger by the second. But no one, especially a human woman, should have this effect on a lone wolf. And just when he’s sure that having her could be his undoing…the truth steps out of the shadows.

My Review

Devlin is a lone wolf who hunts rogue werewolves who break the pack laws. He knows his destiny to be alone so he can do the job fate has given him. He's supposed to be the only one of his kind until he dies and another will take his place, but there are two others just like him. So when he meets Zoe and he feels things for her that he shouldn't feel, he knows there must be some kind of magic at work. Because there are other things out of place like two other lone wolves, these feelings he has for the human and the fact that she is a little different makes him believe other things are at work. 

Devlin and Zoe talk a few times and he thinks that she might be some kind of trap to try and kill him but he's not sure how so he reaches out to one of the other lone wolves who is surprised to hear from him but I have a feeling that in the future these lone wolves will be working together because they are connected and no one else can understand what they are going through. 

Devlin tries to tell Zoe that werewolves exist and she might be in danger but she thinks he's crazy and doesn't believe anything he's saying. But when danger comes looking for Zoe and finds her, it's Devlin that comes to her rescue and keeps her safe. She has no choice but to believe werewolves exist after what she sees.

I felt so bad for Devlin after hearing about his first shift and how he was treated, how alone he's been his entire life since then. It was heartbreaking. I can only imagine that it's the same for the other two lone wolves and that is just sad.

Watching these two get closer as the danger just gets worse and worse, was fun because neither one of them knew if they could trust the other. These two have a connection but they don't know where it comes from until they find out who is behind all the danger coming at them. It was fun to finally find out what and who was coming after them and why. I'm really looking forward to the next book now.

Disclosure: I received an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.