Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Little Red LadyBug: Review

2 years ago I bought this cage with the Amazon gift cards I had racked up from the survey places I take surveys for. Thus getting the cage for free. I wanted a cage set with hammocks and tunnels and things that all matched and when I went into places like Petsmart, I didn't see anything like what I wanted. So I looked online and found a place that sold the whole cage sets, all in the same patterns for a really good price. They are called The Little Red LadyBug. So I bought my first cage set, the green and white one you see in the above picture and set up my rat cage before bringing my babies home. 

The lady sews all of these hammocks and tubes and things for the cage and is super nice and does a great job. I loved everything I got from her site, The Little Red LadyBug.

After bringing my 4 boys home I put the tube and pouch inside the bottom of the cage for my boys to sleep in and they loved it. It was a nice cozy place for them to cuddle up and hide until they got more used to us. Here you can see Ares peeking out from behind the wicker house on the left hand side. 

Of course I have changed a few things in the cage since this photo was taken 2 years ago, like putting one large fleece blanket down on the bottom as the liner instead of using several cotton baby blankets. But the one thing that hasn't changed is the hammocks and tubes and blankies are still being used in my cage that I bought two years ago from The Little Red LadyBug

As you can see, my boys love the large hammock and use the smaller hammock when they want to sleep alone. My little Brodie used to spend a lot of his time in the smaller hammock, and it's stood up to many, many washings and many days of my big boys playing and sleeping in it. 

Aimee, at The Little red LadyBug also has dehydrated fruit, cat toys and one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. A T-shirt with a zippered pouch so your rat can snuggle with you. 

So if you're looking for cage accessories for your rat cage, I highly recommend TheLittleRedLadyBug.com