Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Review: All Soul's Night (A Midnight Doms Anthology) by Renee Rose and 9 other authors


Book Description

This Halloween, the vampires come out to play. 
 Nine brand new romances starring the dark ones and the innocents they claim. 
Come, if you dare. Join the ones succumbing to temptation.
It's All Souls’ Night. 
Time to play.

All Souls' Night is an anthology of nine BRAND NEW vampire romance novellas by Renee Rose, Lee Savino, Alexis Alvarez, Arial Burnz, RJ Gray, Ines Johnson, Vivian Murdoch, Lesli Richardson, Brenda Trim and Zara Zenia. Each story standsalone. Happily ever after guaranteed! 

My Review

There are 9 novellas in this anthology so I thought I would do a mini review for each one. If you've been reading my blog for the past couple of months you already know that I have been loving this series so I figured I should read this as well since I might get to see a few familiar faces. 

The Virgin and the Vampire by Lee Savino and Renee Rose

Gwen goes to Club Toxic to have some fun after her ex fiance dumps her. But who is the first person she spots in the club? Yep, her ex and he's with a guy. She covers her surprise fairly well, wishes them well and walks away only to have Dimitri walk up to her. He's spotted her and wants to take her down to the dungeon, have some fun and feed from her. Dimitri is a vampire and his charm is off the charts. Gwen is so taken with his good looks that when she spots her ex and his boyfriend disappear to the dungeon she tells Dimitri she wants to know where they went. That's all the consent he needs and takes her downstairs so she can see what's down there. She's more than a little shocked to see a BDSM club under the club she was just at but when Dimitri asks her if she's seen enough, she wants to stay and Dimitri is happy enough to stay and show her more. They end up alone in a booth, she's more than willing to try new things and Dimitri is all too willing to show her. After their first and second time together Dimitri tries to wipe her mind of him and their time together but it doesn't take and she comes looking for him again. By that time he's fallen hard for her and the ending was like a fairy tale it was so sweet. 

Vampire's Tasty Treat by RJ Gray

 Bentley takes his submissive, Keri on vacation. They have been together for a year but she has no idea that he's a vampire so when they get to his house and she realizes that he's a billionaire, she has more questions. Once he tells her he's a vampire and she doesn't completely fall apart, he brings her to Club Toxic so she can witness how erotic it is when a vampire feeds from his willing submissive. Since Bentley has never fed from her, she's scared but she loves him so she's also curious. He wants to give her a collar so that she knows that he wants her for the rest of her life. He also wants her to turn into a vampire but if she isn't ready he's willing to wait until she is. They have such a sweet relationship but I really thought he should have told her about being a vampire way before being together for a whole year. 

His Vampire Princess by Ines Johnson

Arneis hates that his sisters Cari and Marechal are both mated to vampires because he remembers what one did to him and he hates them. He wants to let humans know that vampires exist but the vampires are never going to let that happen. He goes to Club Toxic to try and get proof that vampires exist only to meet a female vampire, only he doesn't know she's a vampire at first and he's so taken with her that they end up together right away. She's never been with a man and wants to experience some fun before she goes back to her duty and life. Sanai is from an ancient hidden city and the only men who live there are eunuchs. So while she's at the club she plans on finding a man and having some fun but she mistakes Arneis for a vampire but has sex with him anyway. After a bit of a misunderstanding, they realize that neither of them can live without the other. 

The Lady and The Vamp by Zara Zenia

Clarabelle is Aaron's driver and when she picks him up this time he asks her if she's like to go to the masquerade ball at Club Toxic with him. Aaron's ex is not willing to let him go and confronts him about Clarabelle after she spots him with her at the ball but King Lucius has said that if she kills or harms another human she will be killed. She's a crazy vampire and can't take no for an answer so I knew what was coming. Clarabelle took being attacked several times by the crazy female vampire much better than I would have. I think I would have opted to have my memories erased and gone on about my life at that point. But She and Aaron love each other and want to have a life together so I guess it was good that she decided to become his submissive instead.

His Vampire Morsel by Lesli Richardson

Tiberius is one of the managers of Club Toxic and usually manages the door or the dungeon making sure things go smoothly. He's lonely but doesn't put much thought to it because he's gay and hasn't come across the right guy to make a relationship with. But as soon as he spots John (Baker) and when he does, he knows he has to find a way to get to know him better. After introductions they go to the dungeon to be alone together and end up back and Tiberius's house that night. But when Baker's family finds him after work the next day he finds himself in danger because his family isn't great and is really mad that he left in the first place. Thankfully Tiberius is there to make sure that they can't take him back to the hell that was his life. I was happy to see Tiberius finally get his mate since I really liked him from the other books. 

Bite Me Baby One More Time by Alexis Alvarez

Artemis (Temi) is a college student who likes art but works two jobs so she's tired a lot of time. Antonio (Locke) is a college professor and is intrigued when Artemis falls asleep in his class and he looks into her memories and realizes that some of her more erotic dreams are about him. They spend some time together and then go out when he takes her to Club Toxic. Temi's half brother is mixed up with a bad crowd and gets into trouble which brings trouble home to Temi and her grandma. I really liked her grandmother because she seems to have visions and knows what might happen in the future which was interesting. I really liked the ending and thought that it was fun to watch Temi and Locke fall for each other. 

One Night With A Vampire by Vivian Murdoch

Dahlia goes to a cemetery to do a spell on Halloween but she doesn't realize that the guy she brought with her is a vampire and isn't a nice one. When he attacks her she grabs a rotting piece of wood and shoves it in his chest, just missing his heart, it paralyzes him but he's still alive. That's when Damiano finds them and helps her to safety. He's really taken with her and takes her to club toxic for a scene but he told her it would only be for one night. When they get there Damiano enlists the help of another Dom and they both have some fun with her. So later that night she's heartbroken when he again tells her that they can't see each other again. But something happens and he realizes that he can't live without her. These two both liked the cane and the pain, giving and receiving a little too much for my taste though. 

One Bite To Live by Brenda Trim

Zoe works the bar at Club Toxic and finally finds the nerve to ask Armando out to dinner. She's happy until she spots her stalker ex, Phil at the bar. He's been stalking her for 6 years and even broke her jaw once but never got in trouble for it even though she pressed charges because he's rich and knows people in high places. But Armando knows that something is wrong right away and with the vampires super hearing, one of the other vampires at the club fills him in on the exchange between Zoe and Phil before he left. When someone carries Zoe's best friend, Karina into the club and she's bloody because she's been attacked in the parking lot, Zoe suspects that it was Phil because he's done it before. Zoe is sure she's gonna have to run again but Armando is there to keep her safe. At the same time Theo and Alex are keeping Karina safe and want her as their own which was fun to see. But now Armando and the others know that Phil is a problem and even though Zoe goes back to Armando's house with him, she freaks out when she spots Phil from the window and Armando is nowhere around since he sleeps during the day and she doesn't know he's a vampire yet. I knew what would happen but it was fun to watch it unfold. 

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Arial Burnz

Theo is shocked when Alex brings a bloody Karina to him but he soon takes over and starts telling those around him what he needs. After Theo knows that Karina is going to be ok, he stops to look at Alex, the man who broke his heart more than 100 years ago. Alex is a doctor and helps heal Karina so she's resting when Alex and Theo start making out. When she opens her eyes, she spots Theo and Alex making out and she thinks it's the hottest thing she's ever seen. Theo and Karina have seen each other a few times but they aren't in a relationship as of yet. Karina has been giving the owner of The Crimson Dungeon, in New Orleans info about Club Toxic and she's worried that when Theo finds out he'll be mad at her or never want to see her again. But just like the last story, this is the flip side of Zoe's story where we see what happened to Karina. Zoe and Karina find themselves in danger with Phil and Theo and Alex have to find where she's run off to after Zoe spots Phil through the window. Just as with Zoe's story I knew where this was heading but it was fun to watch it unfold. 


I've really been enjoying the Midnight Doms series so when I saw this anthology I knew I would probably enjoy this too and I did. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.