Thursday, March 03, 2011

Having Fun In The Summertime Heat

In the summertime here in Las Vegas we usually have temps around 115F and it might be hard to find things to do with your kids outdoors because of the heat. But right near my apartment we have a really nice park that the city just fixed up 2 years ago. It has a pond as well as ducks, geese, and if you bring food even the pigeons and other birds will love you.

A little ways away there is a really nice kiddie park with swings, slides, and all sorts of other things for the little ones to do. Not all of us live in houses or can afford backyard swing sets or the other larger toys that kids love to play on. But with the free parks you don't need to have a lot of money and it doesn't have to be done during the hottest part of the day since most of the parks are open until 11pm and they open failry early in the morning.

I used to go to the park early in the morning just to feed the ducks and the geese because there aren't a lot of people there in the morning and it was so peaceful.

My husband and I used to take our daughter to the park all the time since it was so close to where we live and we have a bunch of really cute pictures of our daughter feeding the ducks, geese and playing on the toy train and slides that the park had. This particular park even has a rose garden that is free to go in and walk around it. The smell of roses always makes me feel better, I mean how could you be in a bad mood after smelling so many gorgeous flowers?

There's always something fun to do here and you don't always have to spend a bunch of money to do it.