Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rat Update

Scribbles had been battling an eye allergy but as you can see is all better now. He was so good about letting me wash his face off several times a day. He's become my little social man. When I first rescued him from a woman who didn't want him, he wouldn't even let me pet him. Now he jumps up and down when he sees me because he's happy to see me and wants to come out to play. 

Flower was recently checking out the pink *not purple* dinosaur. For those of you that read romance books and get swag, yes that's a Cheryl Dragon *dragon* . I got it in a box of swag *pens, bookmarks ect* Flower is still hyper as heck and still dive bombs my shirt but loves to come out and play now. When I got her from the same woman I rescued Scribbles from, she wasn't socialized at all and wouldn't let us get close to her with our hands. She is very social and loving now. 

As you may know from previous posts, Lucky had his first bath recently. He didn't freak out like some rats do and loved being held and cuddled in a blanket afterwards. He's cleaning his face in this picture even though it looks like he's praying to the treat gods for a yogi. lol