Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Seems Legit

I receive emails that I have determined to be scams all of the time. Some are easy to tell they are scams while others, like the one below are harder to tell they are scams. I mean, who wouldn't believe I just won Five Million Dollars? This totally seems legit to me *insert sarcastic tone of voice here*. I will however tell these scammers something that may help them in the future. If you are going to write to people who most likely have half a brain, you may want to learn better English so you don't sound like such an idiot.."brain cage" really? I feel sympathy for those who don't see emails like this one for the scams they are and end up losing money to these idiots. Here's the email I received today. I had to share it with you because I found it so ridiculous.

"hello I call CHRISTELLE VALBERG married born April 24, 1968 and I am a French national. You can contact him because I want to do something very important. This will seem a little suspect it true that you do not know me and you do not know. I have a cancer that is terminally ill, my doctor is telling me that my days are numbered because of my range of health. From what the Dr. I was justified, a bullet is currently installed in my brain cage, I have this disease for over 4 years. I made you to accept my award. I have the sum of $ 5,000,000 as a grant. Please accept this sum as it may well be very useful and it asks nothing in return. It is necessary to accept my offer if you directly answer my email: I feel very bad and I'm afraid, almost did not sleep at night and day. I can not die without having done all this grant money if I do not think it would be a copy gasto.Quiere my email address to write to my lame: God remains with you."

Oh yeah, that seems legit...