Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ten Fun facts About Me

Ten Fun Facts About Me

while there are a lot of things most people don't know I thought it would be fun to make a list of fun facts. So here goes.

1. I love looking at scary pictures, which is probably why I enjoy Halloween so much.

2. I love Watching Horror Movies. Movies that can actually scare me get brownie points.

3. I read Romance books like they are going out of style. I'm not kidding, I enter blog contests to win them and do surveys so I can get amazon gift cards to buy more romance books. Right now my favorite genre is paranormal which includes all sorts of things like, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Dragons..ect.

4. I'm very strange when reading a book. I use a bookmark and try not to open the book so much it creases the spine. lol It makes for an interesting time reading when you are only openeing the book just far enough. I hate dog eared pages and I always take the dust jacket off a hard back book ebfore reading it.

5. I own about 1100 books at this time, but that number is growing by the day. I've run out of space on my bookshelves and have started putting them in my desk drawers until I find another big bookshelf. Oh and I don't own a Nook, ereader of kindle, all my books are paperback or hardback real books. I just can't get into the whole Ebook business. I do have a few on my computer but it's just a handful.

6. I scream when startled. I don't know why, but I scream and not one of those little squeaks either. Ken told me it sounds more like a Horror Movie Scream where it would scare the person scaring you. LOL Ken gets a kick out of scaring me and making me scream but every once in a while I'll scream so loud it scares him, which is really funny.

7. I've been know to hold a grudge for years, although now I try not to.

8. I can really relate to charcters on shows like, House, Becker, Roseanne and Lie To Me...because they are all so sarcastic and so am I. I don't know why but I really like sarcastic people. Maybe because they can be so funny.

9. I wear foam ear plugs to bed because any little noise will wake me up.

10. My favorite jewelry is pretty much anything sterling silver and Black Onyx.