Thursday, June 04, 2020

Review: A Toy Story by Hannah Murray

Book Description

Grace reviews sex toys for a living — arguably the best job in town. Ben is her college sweetheart, all grown up and fine enough to convince any girl to leave the vibrator in the drawer. Ten years after their passionate relationship ended, they're finally back to being friends. But the spark is still there, and they both wonder — what if?

When Grace gets a new assignment — turn her column for single gals into a column for couples — Ben oh-so generously offers to give her a hand with the research.

And the hottest job ever just got a lot hotter.

My Review

Ben and Grace broke up 10 years earlier and are now good friends so when Grace is telling Ben about the new owner of the paper she works for changing her column from reviewing sex toys to reviewing couples sex toys, Ben has a helpful thought. He'll help her out with her sex toy reviews and they can rekindle their relationship. 

Grace isn't sure this is a good idea but her other alternatives are to let other couple test the sex toys out or find some random guy to help her test the toys out. Neither of those options seem good to Grace so she considers Ben's offer. She still has feelings for Ben and they always got along so giving him another chance isn't the worst idea. 

This was such a fun quick read. First, what a fun job to have. *giggles* When Ben and Grace get down to business and she pulls out the box of sex toys she's supposed to test out, it was like the little kid in him came out. It was fun to watch. This was definitely a quick, fun, sexy read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.