Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A To Z Blogging Challenge: T is For Twitter

To my fellow A to Z'ers. I may be a little tardy in replying to comments because my younger brother is coming in today from out of town to spend a couple of days with us. But I will be back replying and visiting very soon. :)

A friend, (CaroleDee) once told me I should write a Twitter Tutorial, for all of you out there that don't understand the basics of Twitter. So I thought I would just give you all some of the basics. 

Here's a screen shot of my Twitter Home page. Up in the left hand corner under my name is where you would compose your message (Tweet) and send it. 

On the right hand side under where it says tweets, is where you can see all the tweets the people you follow have made. 

I'm @scarymary66 on there if you want to add me.

Twitter is essentially just like fb...it has a Twitter feed where you can see what the people you are following are tweeting about and on your page you can send out tweets about anything you want, or you can add a hashtag like #rats and the Tweet will go to a page where everyone else has made tweets with the same Hashtag.

Home= your page and Twitter feed page.

Notifications= Where you can see who has added you to a tweet or mentioned you and this is where you can reply back.

Now if you hover your curser over one of the Tweets you will see other things pop up at the bottom of the tweet.. You will see the words...   Reply  Retweet   Favorite  More...

Clicking on Reply lets you reply to the person who sent the tweet.

Clicking on Retweet lets you tweet that same message to your followers.

And if you click on favorite, that means you like that post. 

Clicking on More... you can embed, mute, block or report or send the Tweet via email. 

If you click in the Expand, the details of the tweet will appear and this is where you would click on 'details' in order to find the url of the tweet that you can then copy and paste for things like rafflecopter contests that ask for the url of the tweet you posted. 

                                                              Hope that helps a little.