Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yeah, That Should Fix It!

So I woke up last week to a painter right outside my living room window and he was painting the overhang right outside my window that hangs over the walkway by our apartments. Now this overhang has major cracks in it and when it rains the water runs right through the cracks and onto the walkway. On the other side of the building this happened last year and the overhang fell down because it got soaked with water. That's what's happening now on my side. 

So what does the manager do about the cracks? Why she sends a painter out to paint over them. The cracks are still there but now it's painted. I'm sure that fresh coat of paint will stop the water from falling through the gaping holes in the overhang...not!

The painter was such an idiot that he dripped paint all over the side walk and didn't bother trying to clean it up.

Paint drips can be seen along the entire length of the walkway.

Down past my apartment door the painter didn't even bother to paint the entire overhang..just threw some fresh paint over the cracks and left everything else the old color. Yeah that looks wonderful. 

Oh and the apartment right next door to me that has a roof leak and can't be rented...yeah the manager and maintenance man decided to take out the air conditioner and leave a huge hole right into the apartment that birds, insects, bee's, dust, water/rain, and people...let's not forget about how this isn't the best neighborhood and we have drug dealers and stupid teens looking for places just like this to hang out and do drugs or whatever they're doing. So keeping a huge hole open to the apartment for weeks probably isn't the best idea they've ever had.