Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Many Giveaways do You Enter?

Ya know a few years I hardly ever entered the online giveaways because I hardly ever won anything and the blog contests and giveaways weren't as popular as they are now. But a few months ago I got a little obsessed in entering every giveaway I sw online and for a while I was winning all sorts of stuff and had packages coming about twice a week. But then I started looking through all the stuff I was getting and had to pause for a minute because what in the heck was I going to do with all the books, rubber ducks, pens, pencils, pencil toppers, free samples of baby food, candles, and all sorts of other things I had been getting.

In one month a few months ago I entered into 150 different giveaways, sent away for 67 free samples, and won 2 gift cards to amazon.com...I ended up winning 3 of the blog contests that I had entered and whenh I got the books and read them I asked myslef why I had entered a giveaway for them when I knew form the description I wasn't going to like them.

I donated a bunch of books to my local library and gave some away to my friends. Now I make sure that I only enter giveaways for stuff I actually want or can use.

I have been using the free dog food I got for my rats because for some odd reason they love the stuff and the free baby samples I got I gave to my daughter to give to one of her pregnant friends.

I got a little obsessed there for a while but I am much better now...lol I still enter a lot of contests and giveaway and much to my husbands dismay I win quite a bit of books and get a lot of free samples. And it's nice to win things like baskets and swag bags too. I love getting stuff in the mail. lol