Thursday, December 03, 2020

Review: Beauty and the Lumberjacks by Lee Savino


Book Description

After this logging season, I’m never having sex again. Because: reasons.

But first, I have a gig earning room and board and ten thousand dollars by ‘entertaining’ 8 lumberjacks. Eight strong and strapping Paul Bunyan types, big enough to break me in two.

There’s Lincoln, the leader, the stern, silent type...

Jagger, the Kurt Cobain look-alike, with a soul full of music and rockstar moves...

Elon & Oren, ginger twins who share everything...

Roy and Tommy, who just want to watch...

Saint, the quiet genius with a monster in his pants…

And Mason, who hates me and won’t say why, but on his night tries to break me with pleasure

They own me: body, mind and orgasms.

But when they discover my secret--the reason I’m hiding from the world—everything changes.

My Review

Sierra is on the run from a biker gang because her boyfriend is dead and they think she killed him. While in a club trying to get a job as a stripper she overhears a conversation between the owner and another guy. The new guy gets turned away so she follows him out and asks about the job he was wanting a woman for. He thinks she's either a junkie or homeless and doesn't want to offer her the job as being the 'entertainment' for 8 lumberjacks. What he is really wanting is a woman who will dance for them and then in her off time sleep with all of them. 

She shows Lincoln that she can do the dancing part and when they end up in bed before he brings her home, he knows that he's going to give her the job. Once back home with the other Lumberjacks she is enthusiastically greeted by a few of the guys while one guy in particular (Mason) wants nothing to do with her and she doesn't understand why. 

Most of the guys like her and after a quick trip to the doctor to make sure she's clean, she starts the after hours entertainment with some of the guys. Most of the guys really like her but Mason has his reasons for not wanting anything to do with her. 

Things are going well and she's going to get the big payout at the end of the season so she can start her life over but she's carrying a huge secret. When the guys find out her secret she figures that they'll kick her out but that's not what happens at all. This story turned out to be so much more than I thought it would be. There's her huge secret, a biker gang looking for her, the lumberjacks starting to have feelings for her and a huge twist or two. This turned out to be even better than I thought it would. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.