Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Well it started out a nice morning. The weather man said we had a 30% chance for a stray thunderstorm. In reality when they say 30% chance they really mean run for cover! It's coming! Lock your doors, board up your windows, light the candles, and hope you have some food in your place cause you ain't goin anywhere for a while. Ok, well maybe it wasn't as bad as all that....but about 8:30am, this morning it started raining.....then the thunder and lightning came and then it started pouring.....30% chance my fanny!
Then all the sudden you hear tink....tink....tink..tink..tink..tink..tink...I look outside and it hailing! hail the size of gumballs. It rained, thundered and lighning and hailed for nearly 3 hours. The streets were flooded, the water was pouring off the roof and my car has little ding marks in it. All in all not bad for a 30% chance of rain.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I spent most of the day with my mom and took her out to lunch. She asked me to come over cause her neighbor wanted her to rat-sit her 2 rats while she went to New Mexico for 2 weeks. But my mom wouldnt do it. She kept thinking that they were going to bite her when she put her hand in their cage to feed them, but she tolf her she thought I might watch them for her while she was gone. I jumped at the chance to watch her little babies. OMG they are sooo cute. One is all white and has pink eyes. The other is black and white and has black eyes. they are only about a year old and playful as all get out. I had them on the couch with me a little while ago and they just love to run and dive into the couch cishions chasing each other and then sprint over to me and jump on me while rolling around on each other. They were running all over the place. It was so funny. You do realize that as soon as they are gone back to their mommy, I am going to have to go out and get me a couple of new babies. lol That is if my husband will stop saying he's going to move out if I get another cage. LOL

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ebay and Amazon

Well I found a new hobby. lol Selling...
My sister in law gave me a pair of brand new shoes size 7. Now what the hell am I going to do with a pair of size 7's? I wear a 10! Sheesh even my daughter is already an 8. lol So anyway I figured they might sell on Ebay. So I put them up there and I got 10 bids. lol I sold them for $40.00. Not bad for getting them for free. I told my sister in law, "You got anything else you don't want." LOL So she sent me some board games that I put up there. A couple of them were brand new still in the box, one sold allready.
I didn't think it would be that easy to sell.

I've had a few things up for sale on Amazon.com, like books and such. I've heard alot of good things about both and now I know. I Bid on my first thing on Ebay the other day and I won. I bid on a big box of books. 50 mystery paperbacks for $5.00. I was thinking hell that's a good deal. So the shipping and handling was only $10.00 so I got 50 books for $15.00 not a bad deal at all. Can't wait to get them.

Friday, October 14, 2005

What a tangled web we weave.....

It has been a crazy few days. My brother was arrested for violating the restraining order his wife got. But he really didn't violate it. He and his wife had just come from the court house where they decided to work things out in seperating what was who's and all that very amicably. They were going to go back to his place fill out all the necessay paperwork and then file it the next day. It would be cheaper than going through a divorce lawyer. They told the judge that's what they were going to do and thought it would be ok, but my brothers vengeful ex girlfriend found out they were together and called the police and brought them to his place where they arrested him for being within 100 feet of his wife, thus breaking the restraining order, even thought she was at his place. All the charges were dropped after 3 days in jail and he was finally able to go in front of the judge, but his wife had to rescind the restraining order. Now there is a restraining order on the ex girlfriend. lol I could write a damn book.

I took my daughter through one of the haunted houses. There were tooooo many strobe lights and I darn near got sick in the place.We are going to try another one, one that doesn't have all the friggin strobe lights making it hard as hell to walk down the hallways. LOL The only thing I did like about this one was the guy at the end holding the chainsaw...a real chainsaw and as you came by to exit he started it and chased you out. LOL Thankfully there was no chain on it, it was all for the sound effects but you don't knowthat at the time. lol

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Just another day

Well yesterday started out normal enough. But those days almost always do. You know the days I'm talking about, the ones where everything will go wrong. So I got up at 5am, feeling beeter. My back wasn't hurting as much as it had been for the past week so I decided to be nice and give my daughter a ride to school and then go do a little shopping. So we pull into her high school and I'm about to let her out of the car when three girls walk up to the car and open it. I'm figuring they are friends of my daughter's. But they start yelling at her. Now I'm thinking, are you kidding me? I'm sitting right here, and they think they can just start calling my kid names and I'm not going to do anything about it? Well I got out of my car and went around to the passenger side, and got between one of the girls and my daughter who is still stilling in the car. This little B&tch proceds to call me a name that I won't even repeat. So I push her back with my sizeable body, never actually laying a finger on the kid, just walking towards her and making her go backwards. So my daughter gets out of the car behind me and the other two girls are behind me and they start yelling at each other. Well I had had enough and told them all either to leave or I was taking them all to the office. They actually laughed at me. LOL One of the girls, the biggest one, gets right up in my face and tells me I can't lay a hand on her but that I better pick my daughter up after school or she was going to beat her ass. Before she knew what was going on I grabbed her behind the neck, (by her jacket collar) and started walking to the office. I told her I warned her. Well just then, yeah it only took 10 minutes for the school police to show up, they rode up on their bicycles and grabbed me, making me let go of the kid. I told them what happened, pointed out the other kids and pointed out the kids who had seen what happened, then we all went to the deans office. The one girl who actually opened my car door is the one who I grabbed and she made the threats, she got suspended for 2 days and her mom got called to pick her up. The other two girls got a warning as did I for grabbing the kid. I guess I'm not allowed to touch the kid if she's coming at me. Well I dont think so. All of this happened, because my daughter happened to talk to the bigger girls boyfriend and eat lunch with him the day before. OMG, are you kidding me? They ate lunch together lets go kick her butt, sheesh how stupid. So Now I'll be driving her to school and picking her up cause she's afraid they might come after her again.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Your not afraid of clowns are you?

Adopt a nytemare

I found this little cutie at adopt a nytemare .com. Just in time for halloween.