Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lucky Has A New Cage!

This is the cage that Lucky used to be in. The bottom part is hard plastic and he chewed holes almost large enough to get his head in, in each of the four corners. 

It wasn't a bad cage for 1 rat, but now he has more room.

This is the new cage and it's only about 1 inch smaller in length but it is much higher. It has three shelves where he can climb up to get to the bunker hammock and I plan on putting a small fleece cube on the top shelf. The best part is, the bottom pan is metal. He won't be chewing through that. lol 

I didn't like that the shelves were wire and he wouldn't leave the fleece alone when I tried to just lay the fleece on top of the shelf, so I used these clips to hold the fleece in place. 

The ladders were also wire and so I bought some men's knee socks and covered the ladders with that as well. Easier on their little feet. 

I think he approves...