Sunday, November 04, 2012

Ebooks Vs Traditional Books: My Thoughts

I don't have an ereader at all and have no plans on getting one. I hardly ever read ebooks since I have to read them on my computer and see no reason to buy an ebook when I can get a paper back book. I guess I'm old school and will most likely stay that way. I have won a few ebooks in contests but after trying to read so many of them and finding so many errors or just finding them lacking in substance, I don't even bother anymore. I'm sure not all ebooks are like that but I'd rather have a paperback or hard cover book that I can then put on my bookshelf. But that's just me. I wrote an article comparing ebooks vs print books and you can read it here.

Nooooo, don’t do it! Slowly back away from the computer screen and pick up a print book. Feel those pages? Smell that booky scent? Look at your bookshelves, do you really want to see Nook’s, Kindle’s and other ereaders sitting there instead of paper backs? Well, do you?

Don’t go to the dark side, they might have cookies, but they’ve already eaten all the chocolate chips…so all you're stuck with are chocolate chipless cookies!

I’m a traditionalist and I make no excuses for it. I don’t own an ereader and have no plans on buying one. While I know my position on ebooks isn’t a popular one right now, I think in the long run ebooks will go the way of Count Chocula Cereal and only be available in limited quantities after readers start getting fed up with not having the choice of sharing, trading and selling the ebooks they've paid money for like they could have with traditional books.

I like my bookshelves and the feel of real books in my hands too much to buy ebooks and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I've won a few ebooks and read them on my computer and in just the few that I’ve won and read I’ve seen that not all of them are written as well a traditional book would have been. I don’t know who to blame for that. The publisher, the author or the beta readers for not saying..Hey wait a minute this really isn't ready to be published.

I don’t have any plans on getting an ereader. I like my print books too much. I like to be able to share my books, trade, sell and loan them to my family and friends. See them on my book shelves.

No, I won’t be getting an ereader anytime soon.

How To Make A Dreamcatcher

This is a Dreamcatcher I made a few years ago for myself. I ended up making one for my mom, my neighbor and a friend online. Once you get the directions down, you can make it into any colors you want, using any beads and buttons you'd like on the web as well. 

If you'd like the full instructions, I posted them here

Ya didn't know I was also crafty, now did ya. lol