Sunday, June 06, 2010

Auto Volume Control

I am so sick of sitting down in front of the tv to watch a movie or even a show and when those ridiculously loud commercials come on, go scrambling with the remote to turn them down. Or every few minutes having to turn the volume up and then back down again the whole time I’m watching tv. If car manufacturers can put cruise control right into the cars, tv manufacturers should be able to build auto volume control into the damn tv’s. One minute I’ll be watching a really soft moment where you have to turn the volume waaay up and 2 seconds later, a bomb goes off in the background and my walls start shaking with the noise before I can turn the volume back down.

I don’t even like watching movies anymore because for 2 hours I am sitting there controlling the volume…up and down..up..down..and then I’m not fast enough and a loud *BOOM!* gets through, making my neighbors just love me. A commercial will suddenly come on while watching a show and it will be loud as hell…WTF? If so sick of it.