Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: DegustaBox- March

In this month's box was:

Good Thins Sweet Potato Crisps
Mrs. Thinster's Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins
Tolerant Foods Pasta
Loacker Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
Paul's Quinoa Bars
7 Days Peanut Butter and Jelly Croissant
Boboli Pizza Crust
Lemoncocco Lemon and Coconut flavored drink
Goya Quinoa -White Quinoa with Brown Rice, Black Beans, Bell Pepper and Spices

So if you've been reading my blog for a while you know I've been receiving a DegustaBox for over 6 months and I'm loving these boxes because they send products that I've never tried. Everything in this box was a new to me item or a new Brand. Each box is $19.99 and you can cancel at any time. I usually try new subscription boxes for a couple of months and then move on to another box but I've liked this one so much that I've stuck with this one for a while. I haven't found another subscription box that looks better than this one to try yet so I'll keep getting this one for a while. And if you want to try this box you can click on my link or use my code MARYK-ACB to get your first box half off. 

The only things I haven't tried yet are the pasta noodles, Quinoa and Boboli pizza crust. I've had Quinoa before and didn't care for it but it was plain and not flavored like this one so I'm hoping this one will be better. The pasta noodles are Kale and Green Lentil flavored so I'm not sure about that either. Everything else was good though. 

Have you ever tried a subscription box? Do you have one that you like?