Sunday, December 20, 2015

Product Review: Ultimate Snacks Chips Cookies Candy Variety Assortment Pack by Custom Varietea

Product Description

65 Assorted Snacks Variety Pack.

Includes Exclusive Simples Recipes With Chips Booklet By Custom Varietea
Find Your Favorite Treats & Try New Flavors, Great Variety Pack For Everyone To Share & Enjoy.

Perfect For College Kids Dorms, School Snacks, Businesses, Homes, Gifts, Parties, Sports Teams, Military Personnel, & Much More!!

All Snacks Are Handpicked & Shipped Loose In Custom Varietea Box (Not In Manufacturers Packaging) In Rare Cases, Based Upon Availability Certain Flavors Will Be Replaced With Other Flavors

My Review

The first picture is what I saw when I opened the box. There are 65 snack bags with cookies, candy and chips in this box. There is a great variety of snacks, something that everyone will like. In the other two pictures, I just took out a random sampling of what I found in the box and took a picture of it to give you an idea of what you might find in this box. 

Everything was fresh, not stale and the box it came in was placed in another bigger box with bubble packs around it so the box didn't get squished at all and all the bags were in great condition. There are quite a few brand name snacks in this box that I've tried before but there were also some brands and snacks that I'd never tried before so this was a surprise for me as well. So far my hubby and I have liked everything in the box. 

I had several family members over when the box arrived and when I said everyone could help themselves, they were more than happy too and even had a hard time choosing between all the different snacks because there's such a diverse choice to choose from. 

This would be great to give to college kids, great to have on hand for lunches.