Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Bob's Red Mill Pancake Mix

At the local Smiths grocery store I've seen a few of the Bob's Red Mill product line but had not bought anything from it. But after going to their website and seeing just how many different mixes and products they had, I wanted to try a couple of their products. 

I'm always on the look out for new products to try and Ken and I love pancakes for breakfast and snacks so this was the first product we decided to get and try. 

The instructions are easy, just mix with egg, oil and milk and then cook them on a griddle or waffle iron. This mix made really good pancakes, that were fluffy and tasted great. I made enough that we had some left over for the next day and they heat back up really great as well. I like making big batches and then storing them in the fridge to just heat a couple up the next day and you can easily do that with these. Easy snack for later. This mix wasn't overly sweet but just sweet enough to make the pancakes tasty. I added a little sugar to my second batch because I like my pancakes a little sweeter.

I love to cook, bake ect. I think making something homemade or from a mix that you have to add some fresh ingredients to is better for you instead of buying products that are already made like frozen pancakes that you just heat in the microwave. 

I still have one coupon for another free product left and I will be writing another review for that product that I decide to get as well. 

So if you see Bob's Red Mill products in your local grocery store, pick one up and try it out, you might find a new favorite to buy on your shopping trips. 

Disclaimer: Bob's Red Mill sent me two coupons for free products in exchange for an honest review.