Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Book Review: Fanged and Fabulous by Gemma Cates


Book Description

I Wanna Suck Your...
Blood. I'm a vampire. Come on. Then I met Simon and couldn't help thinking: maybe I'm after more than a little nutrition.
He's a runner on a strict diet.
I eat chips and queso as a main course.
He's punctual.
I think five minutes late is on time.
He's an engineer.
I tell stories for a living.
He's human.
I'm not.
One misanthropic vamp (me) meets one commitment-shy human (him) and sparks fly. But humans and vamps don't do relationships...right?

Note from the author: This book contains steamy vampire-human shenanigans, enough naughty words to make someone (not me) blush, and a vampire who secretly (deep, deep, deep down) longs to be loved.

My Review

Becca doesn't like being around people. Most everyone irritates her and oh yeah, she's a vampire. But her friend talks her into coming to a party where she meets Simon. But Simon isn't looking for a relationship since he just got out of one where he wasn't treated well. But they like each other and he doesn't irritate her, so much so that she doesn't mind being around him. 

They end up getting together and she tells him she's a vampire to get his permission to bite him, thinking that she can just wipe his memory of the bite afterwards but that doesn't go as planned and she doesn't know why. 

They end up having a lot in common and she finds herself falling for him but she doesn't think he wants her back the way she wants him. Of course there has to be a little miscommunication in order for them to finally talk and things to work out. 

I liked this. It was a quick, sweet read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.