Monday, February 18, 2013

Kroger Simple Truth Organic Products

A few days ago I told you about the free products and coupons I received from BzzAgent. Well, I'm back again to let you know what I thought of some of the other products I tried after getting them with the free coupons at my local grocery store. 

I had free coupons for Vanilla Almond Milk, Mixed Berries and Natural Vegetable Sticks. I wasn't sure about the taste of these products before trying them because they are organic and like so many others I sometimes associate organic with less taste or bad taste, but I was proven wrong.

I really like the Vanilla Almond milk, it's great over cereal and in my morning coffee. It's already sweet so there's no need to add extra sugar to my cereal or coffee. 

The package of frozen mixed berries are so good. I just took a handful out, ran them under warm water, dried them off and ate them as a snack. There's really nothing like fresh berries and these taste really fresh and good. 

I think my favorite product is the Natural Vegetable Sticks, they have a very crispy texture and remind me of a chip called Munchos. Munchos are one of my husbands favorite chips so when he tasted these Natural Vegetable Sticks he really liked them because they were so good. 

A To Z Blogging Challenge 2013

I signed up for the A To Z Blogging Challenge this year. I am #661 and am looking forward to participating for the first time. The A to Z Challenges is to post the letter of the alphabet every day during the month of April, with Sundays off for good behavior. Starting with A on Monday April 1st.

Whether you go with a theme or freestyle, your post must match the letter of the alphabet for that day. I heard about this for the first time last year when a few of my blogging friends were doing it and so when I saw that the sign ups were open I decided to try it to. If you would like to sign up and join me in this blogging challenge just go and sign up here.