Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's inevitable when you live in an apartment that some things are going to happen. People are going to make too much noise, someone is going to have a party, there are going to be shouting matches from other apartments and someone is going to be found dead, either from natural causes or from other....

Well that last one happened at my apartment complex today. He was my neighbor and lived just 2 doors away from me. His name was Ron and he was in his early 50's. He'd only been living here for about a year but he was a nice guy.

The manager placed a 30 day notice on his apartment door on the 3rd of this month because he hadn't come in to pay the rent. Then today my hubby, Ken went to his door and knocked on it because we hadn't seen him in a few days and the 30 days notice was still on his door. Today being the 12th, it was a little strange for him not to have taken it down by now.

When there was no answer to the door, Ken got a bad feeling and sniffed the door....sure enough there was a really bad,,, really bad odor coming from the apartment. This isn't the first time Ken has found a dead person in their apartment here, since he is the maintenance man here he has alot to do with the residents and routinely talks with many of them and when he doesn't see them he gets worried.

He went to get the manager and they unlocked th edoor, sure enough Ron was dead in his living room. The police and then the coroner came out and said it looks like he probably had a heart attack and he's been there for 7-10 days. very sad.

This is the 4th person Ken has found deceased in their apartment. It's stands to reason it's going to happen since we are all going to die at some time or another.