Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Book Review: Lost To The Alien Lord by Ella Blake


Book Description

I signed up for a research mission with five other women. Instead, we crashed on an alien planet with too many dangers to count. Separated from the other women, I’m on my own until a huge alien with color-changing skin and a massive sword gets me out of a bad spot. I don’t understand Savair’s language, but I think he’s under the impression that I’m his.

I am NOT his. I’m a 34-year old divorced scientist with no time for such nonsense. But if he can help me find the others in my group then perhaps I can play at being “his” for a while. It’s not a hardship. He’s the sexiest male I’ve ever met with a jawline to die for, but there’s no way I’ll fall for this guy. Nope. Not a chance…

Jetta makes me ache. I desire her the moment I pull her from a Brakken meat trap. Her soft, warm body awakens hungers long banked. But my Sola, the living ship I am bound to, is dying, and thus, so am I. I must find a way to save my Sola and my mate, or none of us will survive.

This is book one of the Lords of Destra series. Each is a complete story with no cliffhangers or cheating. My books always have consent and a happy ending. Cheers!

My Review

Savair rescues Jetta from a trap and keeps her safe. He takes her back to his ship (Sola) and the sentient ship is able to make it so they can communicate with each other. But his Sola is dying and because they are connected, so is he. 

Jetta was on a ship that got attacked. She and the other women who were on a research mission crash landed on a planet where they find themselves in a lot of danger. There are friendly aliens like Savair and most of his people and then there are the Brakken who are not nice at all and might just eat anyone they find. 

Savair thinks that Jetta might be his mate and he wants to keep her even though some of his people don't think he should have a mate since his first priority should be to his Sola. He and his sentient ship are connected and most leaders who have a Sola do not get mates as well so some of his people are having a hard time accepting Jetta. 

Jetta sets out to save some of the women who were on the ship with her and she shows Savair and his people that she is more than just a mate, she can be helpful too and she was. The Sola was strange though and I had some problems in the way she acted. I'm calling the Sola a she because she gave off female vibes to me. But she had secrets and I didn't like that she wasn't more forthcoming. There were a few small questions that came up in this story that never got answered and that bugged me. It did end up being a good read though. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.