Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Review: The Alpha's Redemption by L.E. Wilson


Book Description

This book was previously published with the title "Fae Hunter".

Being the alpha isn't always easy.
Keegan McRae is the leader of the Austin werewolf pack. And sometimes, for the good of all involved, a male has to make choices he wouldn't normally abide by. Like allowing the Faerie you're sweet on to be the main attraction in a rodeo. Not as the cowgirl, but as the livestock.

Stubborn as a bull and just as fearless, Bitsy caught his interest the first time she flipped him off. But before he had a chance to make things right with her, she got loose. And though his wolf howled in protest at the loss, he had no choice but to let her go.
Bl├íthnaid (Bitsy) Dunn swore she would never again set foot in the hell hole that was Texas. Or anywhere near the arrogant shifter who was the main reason she hated it so much. The last time she'd seen him, his well-worn boots had stomped all over her hide—and her pride. Yet, here she was again.
This time, however, she's here on her terms. Keegan needs her help to infiltrate the Fae world, and she needs him to help her find her father. His green eyes are full of remorse, and his easy smile is hard to resist, but forgiveness is not part of the deal.
However, Keegan is used to fighting for what he wants. And he wants Bitsy. This time, she won't be getting away.

My Review

Keegan is a wolf shifter and the alpha of his pack. His pack had started tracking down Fae and holding them in the 'rodeo' that they held. In reality the rodeo was just a way to torture and hurt the Fae and let the wolves get out some of their aggression so they didn't turn on each other. What they didn't know was there were different kinds of Fae and some of the Fae were innocent people who never hurt another living being. But the wolves all thought they were all the same so they treated them all the same. 

Bitsy is one of those innocent Fae so when she and her family get caught and brought to the rodeo, it's really awful for them. Keegan seems to know somewhere in the back of his mind that they are different but he doesn't do anything to help them because he doesn't want his pack to turn on him. So when some guys from another pack comes to save some of the Fae, there's a fight but they get away. Now living with wolf shifters that understand her and her family, she is shocked when Keegan asks for her help. 

Keegan has an ulterior motive for asking Bitsy because not only does he want her help, he wants her. Keegan has something of hers that she wants back so she agrees to help him. But just when things are going well for them a huge twist in this story happens and the worst thing that could happen... happens. 

I really thought it was all over for them at that point. This book made me sad and mad at the same time. The rodeo was wrong on so many levels and the fact that Keegan was okay with it made him a big jerk in my eyes and I couldn't forgive him. The book ended well but it's hard to really enjoy a book when you don't think that the hero deserves a happy ending. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.