Thursday, August 19, 2021

Book Review: The Pegasus Marshal's Mate (U.S. Marshal Shifters Book) by Zoe Chant

Book Description

Her new beginning is off to a bad start…

Tiffani's first marriage was a disaster. And now her first day of her new life as a court reporter has involved a jackass judge, a bomb threat…and a sexy silver fox of a US Marshal. One who tempts Tiffani to give up her new determination to prove she doesn't need a man. But if she's going to show everyone she's more than just air-headed arm-candy, she can't just fall into those gorgeous, muscled arms…right?

Pegasus shifter Martin thought he'd never find his mate. After losing his wife, he gave up on love entirely. But one look at Tiffani and he knows he needs this smart, funny, gorgeous woman. All he wants is to give her the romance she deserves—and the protection she just might need.

Between the trial of the century, petty dictator bosses, and a senior citizen flash mob, Tiffani and Martin will have to steal time for their second chance at love. But who better than a pegasus shifter to sweep a woman off her feet?

My Review

Tiffani got married young and thought she would be happy but ended up being a trophy wife that her husband expected to just look good for him. After getting out of that marriage, she's not looking for another relationship, she just wants to be herself and hopefully be happy. Getting a job as a court reporter should have been great except the judge on this case is awful, kinda a bully actually and doesn't seem to want her in his courtroom. But she follows through and things are going good for her. 

Martin is a US Marshal and a Pegasus shifter. When he meets Tiffani he knows he's found his mate, now he just has to talk Tiffani into giving him a chance after her disastrous marriage. 

After a bomb threat, Martin wants to keep Tiffani close and make sure she is safe but he also wants to get to know her better. These two hit it off really quickly and things go well for their relationship. When Martin lets her know what he is and tells her that there are others shifters in the world, closer than she could have thought, she actually takes the news really well. 

While they are trying to work on getting to know each other better, someone puts them in danger. I had a feeling I knew who the bad guy was but I was only partially right. I really liked how this ended though. Karma really gets some people in the end and that's just fine with me. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.