Thursday, March 21, 2024

Book Review: The King of Fire by Brittany White


Book Description

June Morris may have just found the man of her dreams, but will his secret keep them apart?

June was a woman who loved things that were extreme. She worked at a rock-climbing studio before quitting her job to go on an adventure in Tokyo. June went to visit her sister, Samantha, hoping Sam would agree to go on the expedition with her, but because it involves a semi-active volcano, Samantha refused to go with June. June decided to go on the trip anyway, much to her sister’s disappointment. Once she got there, an accident proved that Samantha might have been right after all.

Mishal, the King of Fire, had been trapped for well over a century with the Royal Guardians. He hoped for their freedom as activity started within the volcano. Just when he was sure they were going to remain inside; a human girl fell through the barrier. Faced with the decision to show himself or let her die, Mishal decided the girl’s life was worth more than his secret and he shifted into his dragon form to save her. As he carried her to the safety of a local hospital, he decided that she was to be his mate no matter how long it took him to woo her.

June wants to stay and learn about the man who saved her life. He had a secret. As she spent time with Mishal, she realized she was developing feelings for him, secret or not. He finally told her, and she was in complete shock but still had feelings for him she could not deny. June tried to dismiss her feelings by returning home to the states, but soon found out Sam betrayed her trust and now Mishal and his people are in danger. June must race against the clock to save Mishal and his people. Will June succeed? Will love prevail?

My Review

June goes on an expedition to a semi-active volcano and when she falls through a hole, she is saved by a dragon shifter who had been trapped inside the volcano for 100 years. He and his friends only escaped because the volcano is a bit active and the rumbling broke them out of the walls they were imprisoned in. Once Mishal saves June, he can't seem to get her out of his mind though. She feels the same way way about him which is why when she is released from the hospital she goes back to he volcano to find him and he saves her a second time. 

She knows he's hiding something but Mishal doesn't think June will stay if he reveals he's a dragon shifter. He comes clean with her though and she wants to stay with him but she thinks that her being around him and his people will bring scientists down on their heads and she doesn't want to be the cause of them being experimented on so she leaves. But there are people who put Mishal and his people in danger anyway. 

This was a good story but I was expecting more romance and more of them getting to know each other, but instead I got more of a story of the danger dragon shifters were put in. The dialogue made it hard for me to read because when June and Mishal are talking to each other they sound like early teenagers and he's supposed to be over 100 years old. He was immature and didn't come across as very wise. I found so many parts of this story boring which slowed the pace down for me. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.