Thursday, May 03, 2018

Review: Dragon VIP: Pyrochlore by Starla Night

Book Description

Smokin’ hot dragon shifters have no idea what to do with these sassy Earth females — but claiming them as mates will change the universe!

Bad boy dragon shifter Pyrochlore “Pyro” Onyx is the acting CEO of the Onyx Corporation — and for the smokin’ hot billionaire playboy, it definitely feels like an act. He has two weeks to save his family’s company from destruction and himself from an unwanted marriage to the Empress of his home planet, Draconis.

When he catches sweet, curvy Amy stalking his every move, a new feeling wars with his old cynicism. No matter the species, females want Pyro for only one thing. And it isn’t true love or faithfulness.

Super responsible elementary school teacher Amy should never have given in to her secret fantasies to stalk the gorgeous dragon, but in his presence, her self-control just snaps. And although he calls her naive, she’s not so innocent that she doesn’t know what she wants. Playing with the fiery male risks getting burned, but as dark forces gather, she could be his only salvation.

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes and a passionate teacher who can teach the bad boy a thing or two. Must love dragons!

My Review

Amy's life is full of rules and structure but when she meets Pyrochlore, the dragon shifter she's been stalking  watching for her friend, all her rules fly out the window. 

Pyrochlore is a dragon shifter from another planet. He and other dragon shifters came to Earth and have made it their home. A few dragon shifters have found human mates and Pyro hopes to find one of his own so he doesn't have to marry the female dragon shifter that his mother wants him to marry but he doesn't trust many of the woman because he thinks they see him as either an oddity or a way to get to his money. 

I really liked Amy. Her personality came though loud and clear right from the very beginning. She's used to doing the right thing, following the rules she and her parents have instilled in her and following her well structured life plans. But when Pyro decides to let her know that she's been watching him and asks her to go on a date with him, she let's her guard down a little and goes with him. But he lies to her and gets her in trouble. 

Pyro's personality comes across as cold, aloof and not trustworthy. He lied to her, got her in a bit of trouble and just left her there to fend for herself. I disliked him quite a bit for almost half of this book. I wouldn't have given this guy another chance but I can see how someone as naive as Amy would do just that. He doesn't want to marry the female dragon his mother wants him to marry so he proposes to Amy, who he doesn't love or even know all that well. I just didn't like that at all. It seemed like it was going to be a marriage of convenience. Convenient for him is more like it. 

It was towards the end of the book that my views about Pyro changed and I liked him a little more. He is of course a dragon shifter from another planet, not human so he and his kind are not always going to act the same as a human would but it was nice to see him come around and get a little more personality. 

There are a couple of twists or at least a couple of things come to light that were kept secret and that was interesting to see. I enjoyed this book and even though it's the 3rd book in this series, I didn't feel like I was necessarily missing much by starting with this book. I will probably go back and start with the first book though. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.