Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hamster Cages

Hamster cages come in different sizes, colors, materials and with many different attachments. You may feel overwhelmed when you see how many different types of cages there are to buy. Here is a small list of cages that you can readily find in places like Petsmart, Petco and places online that specialize in cages.

Crittertrail has several cages that are great for the beginner or someone buying a hamster for the first time. The Crittertrail one- is a nice small size just right for Dwarf hamsters. You really don't want to put teddy bear (Syrian) hamsters in this one as they won't have a lot of space to move around. The cages are made of hard plastic and coated wires to make sure your pet has enough ventilation.

This cage uses the bubble tubes to get from one level to the other, making it easier for your pet to move around than having to climb stairs or jump to the next level. These cages also already come with an exercise wheel and water bottle, making it easier to get everything you need all at once. This cage also has what they call a petting zone on the top of the cage that easily opens so you can pet your hamster or give him a little treat.

The Crittertrail X- is basically the same design as the Crittertrail one, but with some fun extras. This cage has a spiral slide, and wheel that sits on the top of the cage. This model also comes with the petting zone, water bottle and bubble tube to reach the petting zone, I like to call the petting zone "The Pet Apartment", as it's upstairs and they tend to sleep up there. This cage is best for dwarf hamsters or smaller hamsters.

The Crittertrail Two- has two levels for double the fun. This cage is good for any size hamster or even gerbils. There is plenty of room for your pet to move around, lots of places to sit and look out at the world around the and comes with a wheel, water bottle and petting zone. Inside are two hard plastic shelves that fit onto the inside of the cage for your hamster to sit on. Bubble tubes make it easy for your pet to get from the bottom of the cage to the petting zone in a snap, you won't believe how fast they can scramble up those tubes. This is ideal for two Dwarf Hamsters, your pets will love this cage.

The Crittertrail Three- is essentially the Crittertrail Two, just bigger. It has all the features of the Crittertrail Two plus it has three comfortable shelves for your pet to enjoy and is taller, adding more room for your pets to climb around on the coated wires, and believe me they will climb on the wires. This is a great cage for Teddy Bear (Syrian) hamsters.

The Habitrail Mini- is great for Dwarf hamsters but shouldn't be used for larger hamsters like teddy bears because they need more room. The wire cage sides and plastic floor fit together to make a great home for your pet. This cage come with a wheel, and water bottle that is neatly hidden inside a plastic mushroom.

Rotastak Tunnel Of Fun- is a two story brightly colored cage that not only is fun for your Dwarf hamster but fun for you to look at. This cage looks more like a toy your children would play with than a hamster cage. It comes with plastic tubes, food bowl, water bottle, removable plugs that allow you to attach more things to the cage if you want and a separate compartment on top of the cage that they call the "Attic Bedroom". This cage is ideal for dwarf hamsters.

Feberplast Abi Hamster Cage- is a large cage ideal for Teddy Bear (Syrian) hamsters. It gives your hamster the space it needs to move around and be comfortable. Complete with four different levels the only draw back to this one is it has ladders that your hamster has to climb in order to get to the next level. To make sure your hamster doesn't get hurt if it falls, make sure to fill the bottom with at least 4 inches of bedding. Your hamster will have a blast climbing up and down the platforms in this cage. There are two doors on the front side of the cage that open easily to give you access to your little pet.

The Crittertrail: My First Home- cages come in three sizes. One story for small hamsters, two stories for all hamsters and gerbils and three stories for all hamsters and your mutant-ly large hamsters. You laugh, I had a hamster a few years ago that wouldn't fit into any of the tubes that were meant for hamsters, he was mutant-ly large but that might be because I live by the Nellis Air Force Test Site and his ancestors probably got irradiated. These cages are ideal for all hamsters and the ease of taking apart for cleaning make them my favorite. They come with a wheel and two bowls. The 2 and 3 story models also come with plastic shelves.

Now when you get home and open the box, be warned you will not find a cage already put together. You will have to assemble these cages yourself. But if I can do it anyone can. They come with instructions and if you have problems there's always the toll free 800 number on the box. If you have a teenager around to help you, you might find you can really use their help. Or at least they will be there to laugh with you when neither of you can figure out how the parts fit together.

I would advise putting the cage together before buying a hamster and bringing him home, that way you enough time to figure out how the cage goes together and how to take it apart to clean it. Make sure you have all the bedding and food before you bring your little friend home. Have fun with your new pet and enjoy playing with them and watching them explore their new surroundings.

Be sure to buy some toys for your new Pets, they like to have little cubby holes to climb into, snuggle up and sleep. I found that the little plastic Television, Bed and Log Cabin House are real winner's with hamsters.

One note to hamster owners or people thinking of getting a hamster. Do not under any circumstances buy a cage that has wire flooring. These are not comfortable for your pet and they can break their feet if they get stuck in between the wires. Avoid these types of cages.