Thursday, February 18, 2016

Product Review- PERSIK Storage Containers - 5 Piece Set

Product Description

Features and Benefits • Airtight Seal Keeps Fresh Longer - Lid seals freshness of dry and Liquid Contents - Liquid Contents should be stored in an upright position only • Easy Seal - Twists button once to seal container and again to open • Strong & Durable - Our patent *SPIN & LOCK* system is more durable than POP system, and it is made of NX-8000 material, which is strongest Polypropylene material - Thick container walls durable enough for everyday use • Space Saver - Modular Stackable Design for space saving and organization. Save countertop and pantry space. Also great for storage anywhere your home, garage or office needs. • Easy Pouring - Our shaped corners allow for easy pouring. • Easy cleaning - Dishwasher Safe (bottom rack) lid not recommended - Lids come apart for easy cleaning. • Safe - Refrigerator, Freezer, & Microwave Safe - All PERSIK containers are BPA Free • Set includes - (1) 2 liter - (1) 1.4 liter - (2) 0.9 liter - (1) 0.3 liter

My Review

I absolutely love these containers. I bought one of these locking containers and it worked so well that I decided to buy a few more of them. I now have a lot of my dry goods stored in them including pasta, cereal and dry dog food, flour and most of my baking ingredients. These storage containers stack nicely in my pantry or on the shelf in my kitchen and are easy to open and to close. They are tall and skinny and are perfect for storing spaghetti, cereals and dry foods that you want to keep fresher for a bit longer.

The seal is really strong and I even tried one of them out with water in it to see if any of the liquids would leak out. I filled one with water, locked the lid and shook it really well. Left it upside down for a few minutes and no water leaked out, not even a drop. The lid is easily taken apart so you can wash it and the lock is really air tight. These containers and locking lids are sturdy, made with thick hard plastic that isn't going to break if you drop it. They are going to last for a long time. I even bought stickers and markers to label my new containers so I know what's in them and so does my family. You can find this product on Amazon

Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.