Monday, August 23, 2021

Happy Raturday!

Since some of you didn't like Flower last week, *Stares at Dezmond*  o.O lol I decided to give you a double dose of her this week to show you how adorable she was. LMAO

This is Ken with Flower. She loved to come out and dive bomb our shirts. I think she liked the body heat. 

And Ken would let her crawl all over him, in and out of his shirt. 

There she goes. lol She would drop down our backs, crawl out and up the front and dive bomb the shirt again. I still have holes in a couple of shirts in the back where she would stop and nibble a hole into them. She was decorating them for us. lol 

For some reason she didn't like the soft bottom piece that went in this so she would try to push it out. Look at that cute face. 

She loved hanging out in her cubes. I bought new ones every 4-6 weeks because she would chew holes all over them and destroy them. After a few washes, they would fall apart.

This is why we called her a little dinosaur. She loved this little pink stuffed dino. She never tried to chew holes in him. When she came out to play she would lay down with him or push him around.

Flower laying behind the dino.

One of my friends made her a sleep sack to hide in for her cage. She loved it. Look at that sweet face.

Yep, she's sitting in my shirt. She would sit like this and fall asleep sometimes.

One of my FB friends made a meme of her. Just look at that elegant pose. 

And yes, she had red eyes. Which meant she had bad eye sight too. Sometimes she would sit and sway back and forth to she could see better. That's what rats with red eyes do. I loved her red eyes.

I made some meme's of her too. She was hairless except for the couple of little whiskers she had. Always made me laugh. That blue stone she's standing on is a way for her to get higher and have something to sit on but it's also made of material that's great for naturally filing down their fingernails as they climb on it. Which was great since she loved to get in our shirts and scratch our backs up. 

Another meme I made of her. It's just whip cream I had given her with a tiny piece of pumpkin pie. She came back looking at me like this. Cracked me up.

I was always buying her soft cage furniture and she loved this. 

Here she is giving you a tour of her cage. This is actually two cages that Ken wired together and cut a hole into the bottom one so she could crawl up the ramps to get to the higher levels. 

I always shared a little of whatever we were having with the rats. 

When I would go around cleaning the cages in the morning, she would stick her little paws out through the wires of the cage and try to grab the plastic bag. Gimme Gimme.

So there you go. She was full of energy, loved coming out to play, was very social and affectionate. I hope you enjoyed her pictures and learning more about her.