Thursday, May 23, 2019

Review: Rise of the Fallen by Donya Lynne

Book Description

He's an ancient vampire who's ready to die . . . until a spunky exotic dancer risks her life to save him and becomes his reason to live.

As an ancient vampire, Micah has seen more tragedy than he can stomach. Restless and on a path to self-destruction, he's ready for his suffering to end, so he seeks out a ruthless enemy who's only too happy to kill him.

Samantha is on the run from her abusive ex, working as a dancer in a swanky gentleman's club. One night after work she stumbles upon a group of thugs beating Micah to death and bravely charges into the fray, guns blazing, determined to save the handsome stranger.

In Sam, Micah finds a reason to live--and love--again. But now that she's put a target on her back, he'll have to take extreme measures to protect her. With her obsessive ex closing in and an enemy who will stop at nothing to exact revenge, are the odds stacked too heavily against Micah? Or will finding something worth fighting for be enough to give him the advantage?

My Review

Samantha is an ex Army medic on the run from her abusive ex, Steve. She's taken a job as an exotic dancer and lives in a small studio apartment. Samantha knows that she's only a few steps ahead of Steve tracking her down so she's saving as much of her money as she can. 

Micah just got dumped by his mate and its caused him to drop into a bad depression. He just wants to end his life so he sets his sights on a Dreck who would be oh too happy to kill him. But he doesn't expect Sam to come to his rescue when she spots Micah getting his ass kicked. 

Micah and his team work for AKM- All The Kings Men, they are vampire enforcers. They policed the Drecks who were like vampires but lower class and not as strong. Micah's team have several members but Trace was the one who intrigued me the most. Micah keeps most of them at arms length and he's known for being the grumpy one you stay away from and just let him do his own thing but they are there for him when it matters.

The Drecks that had been beating Micah up are pissed and are out to get Sam for stopping them and saving Micah. Sam is in danger so she really has no choice but to go back to Micah's place until he can deal with the situation for her but that doesn't stop the Drecks from coming after her. 

I really liked the Guardian aspect of this story. He was a bit mysterious in the beginning. I'm still not sure exactly what his deal is or what exactly he is but it'll be interesting to read his story.

When Sam's ex finally catches up with her, I thought it was pretty funny how she decides to get her revenge on him. She has Micah there to help her so I knew it would be something good. Never mess with a vampire. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.