Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Book Review: Jagger: The Temptation by Charmaine Louise Shelton


Book Description

They say the heart knows, but what if it's impossible...
I’m the leader of my pack—the Billionaire Wolves of Miami. A wolf shifter who has it all—money, power, and she-wolves who vie for me to claim them. Sounds good? Not exactly. I long for my fated mate.

When my wolf senses detect her unique scent on another male, I lose it. Then memories forcefully blocked for ten years flood my mind. Memories of a young witch. And not just any witch—the future High Witch.

She’s the one my wolf howls for, my fated mate. Now, I have to find her and prove it to her. Again. A second chance for us.

Too bad wolves and witches are not allowed to mate…

You’ve heard what they say about cats and dogs? Yeah, well, crank that up by a thousand percent for wolf shifters and witches.

No one is happy about this revelation. But that's too bad for them. My heart knows what it wants and that's her. Again.

Their steamy love story is a standalone romance in the sizzling Billionaire Wolves Series of interconnecting stories featuring wolf shifter fated mates. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.

My Review

Jagger and Sage met 10 years earlier and instantly knew they were fated mates but their families stepped in and erased their memories so they forgot all about each other. Now 10 years later Sage goes into a club a few days before she is to be married to someone she doesn't love and Jagger smells her. He does something he never thought he would do, he kidnaps her and tries to get her to remember him. 

Jagger remembers her and has to try and get her to remember him too. It takes a little time and she is falling for him all over again but their families try to step in and keep them apart, again. Sage is a powerful witch and this time she isn't going to let her or his family keep them apart. I really liked these two once they figured out what was going on and who was trying to keep them apart. There's a bit of a twist as to who is trying to keep them apart and why and I really liked that. 

These two might come from completely opposite backgrounds but it looks like wolves and witches should be able to mate without there being these big problems now. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.