Thursday, June 22, 2023

Book Review: He's My Cowboy by Diana Palmer, Rebecca Zanetti and Delores Fossen


Book Description

Three celebrated New York Times bestselling authors combine their talents to celebrate Americana, the appeal of the iconic cowboy hero tinged with a hint of danger and romantic suspense. Filled with sizzling tension and well-drawn characters, this anthology is sure to resonate with readers looking to saddle up and find love!

Strong and steady, tough and tender—no wonder cowboys are so irresistible, especially in this trio of novellas from three bestselling authors . . .

THE HAWK’S SHADOW * Diana Palmer
Gil needs to prove himself in his new role as sheriff’s investigator. That means working alongside a hotshot expert from the state crime lab who’s come to Colorado to help untangle a long-ago mystery.  But if they stop butting heads, they might discover a surprising connection . . .

Leaving the Marines and returning to Redemption as heir to the family ranch—and guardian to three wayward teenagers—Greg is in way over his head. But he’s learned some deadly lessons since leaving his first love behind. And when she’s in danger, nothing will stop him from saving her.

After eight years in the Air Force, Brenna’s hanging up her uniform and returning home to Loveland, Texas. News of her parents’ separation has shaken her faith in love, even if the whole town is eager to matchmake between Brenna and her high-school flame. But never underestimate a cowboy’s powers of persuasion . . .

My Review

Hawk's Shadow by Diana Palmer
Gil has a new job and is trying to prove he can do the job but when they find a buried body, they have to call in an expert to help them solve the mystery. The problem is Gil and Nemara don't get along right from the start. The problem is they both have some baggage that kept them from being as friendly as they should have been in the beginning. But as the mystery unfolds as to whom the body belongs to, they find they have things in common and are a lot more likable than the other one thought they were. Of course there has to be a small misunderstanding what causes some drama between then before they finally talk and clear things up. It was a fun story. 

RESCUE: RANCHER STYLE by Rebecca Zanetti
Greg now has custody of his three nephews and niece after a bit of a custody battle. But the judge only granted him custody after he heard that Greg was getting married to Tara, his first love. If they don't get married and fake their way through for a few months, Greg will lose custody of the kids and part of his ranch and Tara can't let that happen so she agrees to this fake marriage, for now. I love a second chance romance and that's what we get here. These two care about each other even though they don't think they other still has feelings. But sometimes faking your way in a relationship and being in close proximity to each other can rekindle the feelings. Dealing with three teenagers is another thing all together and he really needed Tara's help in that department. 

Brenna and Theo broke up a long time ago but those feelings never really went away. So when Brenna comes home to a whole lot of new news including the fact that her parents are getting divorced, Theo isn't the first person she's wanting to be seeing but Her mom and his mom seem to want to throw them together every chance they get. Not to mention that Brenna's sister keeps throwing them together for one reason or another. There's so much match making going on from both sides of the family. But it was obvious that they still had feelings for each other even if it took them a little while to admit it to themselves and start to let those feelings show once again. This was such a sweet second chance romance. 

I really liked these novellas but Hawk's Shadow wasn't as good as they other two for me and I read this because I love Diana Palmer most of the time. It was still good but it was slow to start. 

I give this collection 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.