Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review: Tombox Monthly Subscription Box

I found out about this monthly subscription box when a FB friend posted a picture of what she received in her Tombox this month. So I looked the site up and decided to give it a try. Now it says that the boxes start at $10 a month but I went through the questions process and was told my box would be $16  month. Not sure how someone gets the box for $10 a month. But you can personalize the box and get even more stuff than this. I could have gotten double the make up for an additional $6 or a pack of disposable razors for an additional $12. I chose not to take advantage of either of those things. 

I really think this is a great box for women because you get your choice of pads or tampons, jewelry and name brand make up. I know whatever I can't use or don't want, my daughter will gladly take. But this would also make a great present for someone.

This month I got a box of tampons, nail polish, sample of perfume, a braided head band, Hikari blush and a blush brush.

And after you sign up you get a referral link and when 3 people sign up for this monthly subscription box using your referral link, they send you a free box!

If you'd like to try this monthly subscription box out for yourself, you can find the site here